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The fitness exercise equipment market is huge, a billion dollar industry. Just watch television for any length of time and you’ll see the never-ending infomercials on the latest and greatest machine to come down the pike. Some appear to be fairly good products, some, well, maybe more gadget and probably not so great.

The thing is, there are many, many very good devices for getting a very good, calorie-burning cardiovascular workout in your home. Even if you choose a simple set of free weights, a good workout can be had. Although there are probably better options for most individuals. Free weights are less convenient, cumbersome and generally take much longer to get a well-rounded workout, if you’re targeting all major muscle groups. The constant changing of weights is a total deal-breaker for many.

The Total Gym type machines are very good. You’ve probably seen the Total Gym advertised on television by Chuck Norris and his beautiful wife. These machines offer the capability to workout every major muscle group, but are also very affordable and have the convenience of being able to be folded and stored in a relatively small area. They’re unique in the fact that they have an inclined, adjustable bench that has a sliding seat and the setup uses the person’s body weight to provide resistance. The more the bench is inclined, the greater resistance. They also have the option to attach a weight bar and weights, to provide even more resistance if needed.

Exercise bikes have been around for many decades, and although they don’t have the flexibility of some other machines, one can be had for very little money. They don’t take up a lot of space and it’s easy to jump on and get a good cardiovascular workout in just a few minutes. Even 15-20 minutes a day would be extremely beneficial. I wouldn’t recommend this be your only source of exercise though. It’s very limiting in which muscle groups it targets directly. The upper body receives very little attention on a standard exercise bike.

Some people love rowing machines. They’re not space hogs, are very affordable, target most major muscle groups, and you can jump on and have a very good workout in a short amount of time.

It’s impossible to touch on even a fraction of the many different kinds of fitness exercise equipment. That’s actually not what this article is about. It’s about finding something that you will use…and use it!! If an exercise bike is maybe all that you know you’ll use, then get one. They’re an excellent device for a good cardiovascular workout. Combined with maybe a brisk walk in the morning or night, and occasional swim and possibly some Pilates, and you’ll be getting some excellent exercise.

Whether you choose an elliptical trainer, exercise bike, rowing machine, free weights or one of the other pieces of fitness exercise equipment, the problem is this…most equipment ends up collecting dust in the corner of a basement or garage. You can buy the best, most expensive piece of fitness exercise equipment to be had, but if you don’t use it, you’ve accomplished little more than wasting some money.

It’s really hard to understand, but many people will work 60-70 hours per week to afford that nice big house and luxury automobile, but won’t devote 30 minutes per day a few times a week to take care of themselves. Combine this with the stress and horrible diets that many people subject themselves to, and you have a heart attack waiting to happen. It’s inevitable.

Just remember, you deserve to enjoy a long, healthy, happy life just like the rest of us. Your loved ones deserve to have you around for as long as possible. You kids, especially, want and deserve to have you here until they have little ones of their own, and even longer. Doesn’t it just seem insane to die thirty years before your time just because you wouldn’t put forth a little effort to exercise, even moderately and watch what you eat ?

Purchasing any piece of fitness exercise equipment isn’t the quick fix that we as Americans so often look for. It can just make doing a good workout a little more convenient. If you don’t use it, well, it’s just so much dead weight…unfortunately, that’s what happens to your body also.

Does it make you think ? I hope so.

Don’t be like so many others that purchase Fitness Exercise Equipment only to let it set for a couple of years, and to later be sold in a garage sale for . Buy it, and then USE IT!!

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