Happiness and Anxiety

Maybe you do not agree and you may say that one state excludes the other. Up to a certain point you are right. But not completely. Let me explain.

One of the leading motivational and internationally acclaimed speakers states that you can be happy, even if you feel sadness, anger or suffer from anxiety. According to her, happiness is an inner state of being that does not get lost. It stays with you even in dark times, even if you are sad or angry or suffer an anxiety attack.

But, first you have to achieve this inner state. This inner state of happiness is closely related to inner peace.

There are a lot of little steps you can take. One that will take you far and close to your goal is gratitude. You can be grateful for so many things. Just the fact that you are alive is more than a good reason to be grateful. Then you probably have a roof over your head. Be thankful for the shelter. Be thankful for the food you eat, for the clothes you wear. Be thankful for the bed you sleep in.

Even if you have no job, you can be thankful. Why? All ways are open to you. Choose the right one. Your intuition will help you. And so will your creativity. Even during an anxiety attack, you can choose to return to happiness.

Laugh at yourself. If you have the opportunity to look into a mirror, make faces at yourself, and feel how your anxiety lessens. Once it’s gone, your happiness may be complete.

It may not yet be the inner state of perfect happiness. It is at least the starting point. The outcome of the continuous happiness is just around the corner. If you insist, you will and can see happiness in most actions and facts. Happiness will always overweigh anxiety. This is a daily task and exercise. Look around and don’t see the dark, see the spots of light, see happiness and spread happiness. It then will involve all people around you.

Years ago, I used to buy my bread in a nearby shop. The sales person who was not young, never smiled. I then decided that I wanted make her smile and say something positive. She was always grumbling. Even if I did not buy anything, I would drop in the shop to say hello and simply greet her. I don’t remember how long it took me to have her smile and say something positive, but it did happen one day and from then on, she was friendlier with everybody. It was my challenge, but I did it for her. Do it for yourself, but give a chance to all the others as well.

Happiness is contagious. It’s well worth spreading it!

Elisabetta Reist

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