Make Money Writing Articles – 5 Ways

Writing articles is a great way to make money online. However most of your clients at the lower end of the market tend to be stingy with their budget. Your articles will be much more profitable if you think about what you’re doing and find ways to maximize your profits.

Let’s look at five ways.

1. Sell Your Articles: Offer Them for Sale on Your Sites

The more prominent and visible you are on the web, the more money you’ll make from your articles. This is common sense. It’s the old saying: it’s to you now and who knows you.

Therefore, write your articles in batches, and offer them as packages on your website (or sites, preferably, as your business grows). As long as you’re writing in popular topic areas, you’ll sell exclusive articles very easily, without doing much advertising or promotion.

2. Build a Group of Article Buyers

Someone who’s bought from you before, is much more likely to buy from you again. Therefore make sure that you keep a contact list of the people who’ve purchased articles from you.

Whenever you write a new batch of articles, contact the people on this list. Remind them that the articles are exclusive, that they have complete rights to them, and that you’re giving them the first refusal on this new batch.

If you’re a fast and good writer, you can make an incredible income, just selling original and exclusive articles to your own group of buyers, because they depend on your for quality content.

3. Use Your Articles on Your Blogs and Sites

It makes sense to promote your article writing business with articles.

For one thing, each article acts as a writing sample. While it’s true that you can’t resell the articles you’re using yourself on your own blogs, each article you write acts as a gateway to attract visitors from the web, and a good proportion of those visitors will become buyers.

4. Combine Your Articles to Create Ebooks and Reports

Keep an eye on the news. What’s popular?

Whenever you see something: a product, an event, or a service which is making news, write a batch of articles which are related to it. Your buyers know that news sells — so you’ll sell these articles very easily.

Here’s a simple way to get more money from batch of articles: compile your news-related articles to create ebooks or short reports. You can triple what you make for your articles if you do this.

5. Build a Mailing List With Your Articles

Staying in touch with people who’ve purchased articles from you is your first priority. Create a mailing list, and offer your buyers an incentive to join. (First refusal on your new articles is all the incentive you need.)

When you have a list, you can get in touch with people who’ve purchased from you before. You’ll find that you will have high conversion rate whenever you send out a new mailing.

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