Weight Lifting Tips

It is important for anyone who is just beginning or has recently started training with weights to understand how to build their strength without injuring themselves. Someone new to weight training is also likely to want to dive into the program full speed. This will lead to over-training, which leads to soreness or injury. Lifting the right amount of weight and you’ll find your program moving in the right direction.

A personal trainer at a nearby fitness center will give you valuable weight lifting tips. Many gyms will also offer this service for free. Listen to their advice and be sure to ask questions of your own. Depending on how willing you are to bulk up, you may want to put down some cash so that the trainer can continue to help your throughout the training process. A trainer can help you realize what your limits are, and create a program accordingly.

Either way, you will have to either sign up with a gym or purchase a home machine eventually. Decide what will work for you in terms of finances and time. A gym will offer a wider range of equipment and plenty of advice, but a home machine is more accessible and may be all you need for bulking up. The decision you make now will affect your training program down the road.

As mentioned earlier, it might be tempting to try lifting the heaviest weights possible right away. Rather than try this and hurt yourself, start with weights that are light enough so that you can do all the exercises properly. Remember that an injury is not only painful, but will also throw off your schedule as you will likely be unable to workout for weeks, or maybe even months. With lighter weights and more repetitions, you’ll be sure to avoid this waste.

As time passes, add more weight to your workout. You won’t get anywhere if you keep lifting the same weight. The change shouldn’t be big since, once again, you could injure yourself. Increase the amount by a small increment every couple of weeks. Patience is a virtue.

Don’t overwork a muscle group. Arrange your training schedule so that you aren’t stressing the same parts of your body every day. This stress could lead to an injury. Instead, let some muscles recover as you work on other parts of your body. Anything less than twice a week won’t yield results, but anything more than three times a week could be harmful.


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