Short Love Poems For Rednecks

As a self-declared poet, I get to ponder upon words and the feelings, imagery, thoughts and emotions that those words create. Now what images and thoughts arose in your mind when you saw the title, “Short Love Poems for Rednecks?” You probably have certain pictures and feelings associated with short love poems. If you’re a tough guy, you may not like the mushy stuff, but you may think it’s a great way to love your wife. If you’re a heartfelt woman, love words or ‘romantic messages’ may cause your heart to open and you to remember past experiences when you felt that way.

And then the word, ‘redneck,’ has an entirely different context. If you love Jeff Foxworthy, you may be thinking “YEEEHAWWW!” right now. Or if you’re from the northeast, you might think you’ve stumbled upon great comedic material.

The point is that words create different imagery and emotional patterns in our psyche. Automatically. Different words mean different things to different people. On top of that, one method that will create a truly memorable poem is when you interrupt the patterns of imagery and emotion. And a great way to do that is to combine two words that have no related context. Those words then combine to create something entirely new and they interrupt your old pattern of what you were thinking. Pattern interrupt is what causes something to be memorable. I remember a comedy movie where they put together Chris Tucker, a funny African-American actor, with Jackie Chan, a kung fu master. It was a very funny movie.

So without further adieu, here is my rendition of “Short Love Poems for Rednecks.”

Today darlin’ I reckon
I’s gonna show m’love fer you
I’s fixin’ to mow the lawn
And do some service fer you

But I soon come to find out
We’s got tires and mechanical parts
Hidden under it all
So now our John Deere’s busted

Don’t worry, my sweet thing
I still come to save the day
I got Billy to bring his tractor
And he took our John Deere away

I rounded up the neighbors
I told ‘em I need y’all’s help
They cut the grass, removed the tires
And we got the job done fer you

Now git yer dress on, I’m taking you out
You still are my darlin’ you see
Now I’s gonna do some’n special fer you
We’re going to dance and get drunk tonight

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