User Generated Content – What Is It?

Funnily enough user generated content means exactly what it says; content that is generated by the user. Abbreviated it becomes UGC and is often referred to as web 2.0. Another term often used that you will come across is user created content.

As humans we tend to be creative, some more than others and we generally like to express ourselves and web 2.0 has opened up a myriad of places to post our creations and expressions. When we blog , comment on a forum, add our photos on Flickr, our videos on YouTube, write a Squidoo lens or use MySpace etc we are adding user generated content.

Web 2.0 and user generated content are often referred to as the buzz and will transform the Internet world totally; others would argue that it will have very little impact, or that it even exists. Are any of these points of views correct? Well I suppose they are both correct as user generated content and web 2.0 are not material things like a car you would drive to work or a van used for deliveries that would be an essential asset to your business. But what it does do is, involves your customers, ranks your sites higher, and drives traffic to your sites which at the end of the day will increase your sales. This can all be done in an easy manner, and for free.

Which side do I stand on? Well I’m taking part in web 2.0 in writing this article which I can post on my blog. I am generating content which will be pinged to Technorati etc. and if I use Pingomatic I can choose to ping to various sites. I have my Squidoo lenses, which will drive traffic to my website or blog. So I think you will agree that I am a believer of user generated content and web 2.0, the big question is, are you?

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