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To some extend, cover plays an important role in drawing the readers’ attention. That’s why the magazine covers should be creative and impressive. Therefore, magazine cover is one of most concerned factors of editors. Below are most impressive magazine covers in 2009.


The model for Interview’s 40th anniversary issue is actress Kristen Stewart, star in hit Twilight series. The image is two photos – if you pull back, you can see her holding over her own face a same-scale, torn black-and-white photo of her, whose only color is in her blood-red lips. The ghoulish makeup is perfectly in keeping with current fashion photography, and it serves the dual purpose of enhancing the metaphor while making her look drop-dead beautiful.


Interview, November


Horacio Salinas uses a pig that is obviously taking a sick day to sell a cover story on swine flu. This cover is a triumph of styling and careful planning – the black background pops the type and logo, and the baby-blue blanket plays perfectly against the pink piggy skin.


New York, Oct. 4


The cover, by illustrator Darrow, captured the banality of Bernie’s evil by overlaying the Joker‘s pale makeup on the smug face of Madoff. The Joker-on-the-face soon lapsed into cliché – used and abused by everyone who wanted to vilify someone, as in the tea partiers’ posters defacing Barack Obama.


New York, Feb. 22


This cover shot by Pierpalo Ferrari features ’90s supermodel Linda Evangelista, photographed outdoors holding a cardboard sign that reads, “It Must Be Somebody’s Fault.” What is “It”? The recession or the financial woes have hit the poor fashion and art worlds? This picture is full of contradictions. What’s a famous model, beautifully dressed, doing holding a cardboard sign?


W, October


The September issue is created by Anna Wintour. This 50th anniversary issue of Vogue Australia uses multiple covers featuring actress Cate Blanchett, depicted in absolutely fabulous vintage fashion illustrations by British illustrator David Downton. The cover is a marvel in many ways. First, Blanchett’s face is rendered with merely a few brushstrokes. More important is the use of that ’50s-style illustration, which creates a perfect merger of glamour, celebrity and style announcing an issue that covers the magazine’s long history.


Vogue Australia, September


The striking image, created for its second issue by artist Damien Hirst, peels back the skin of super-model Kate Moss to expose the musculature and bone structure of her face. (The original photo was shot for the cover of W in 2005 – it’s recycled!). This cover breaks the rules, reversing the usual order of things to overlay ugly inner reality on the fantasy of outer beauty. What’s it trying to tell us? That beauty’s only skin deep, that fashion creates unrealistic expectations.


Tar, Spring-Summer


The beauty of this cover is its understated simplicity, rendering the white hat in subtle shades of gray to set it off against a paper-white background. Nothin’ fancy here, including the typography – all the cover lines and the logo are either black or gray, preserving the palette of the photo. Sometimes the best covers look the simplest.


Texas Monthly, March


This cover, by the great cartoonist Chris Ware, captures the autumnal magic of Halloween while making wry cultural commentary. It uses light, and the lack thereof, to paint a loving but poignant picture of modern-day parenting. While the kids are on the porch, with their masked faces turned expectantly upward, their too-busy parents dutifully wait, faces turned down toward their BlackBerries and iPhones.


The New Yorker, Nov. 2


This cover is a true original. New Yorker covers are often topical, and they are known for their wit and keen cultural timing. But several times a year, they just run covers that capture the New York-ness of America’s greatest city. This cover found a groundbreaking way to do that, featuring a piece by illustrator-designer Jorge Colombo that was created on an iPhone application called Brushes.


The New Yorker, June 1


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