The Secret to Happiness is in Seeing

Do you realize that you are a Divine Being having a human experience? Everyone and everything that exists is a unique expression of the Divine. When you look at other people from your heart’s center, feeling your love, you will see that Divine in every single person you pass by even if you don’t stop to talk.

Look for it. I absolutely guarantee you’ll see it. You’ll see it in every animal and you’ll see it in Nature. Everything in nature – whether it’s a tree, a flower, a river or whether it’s a magnificent rock/stone or mountain-is Divine.

Everything is an expression of the Divine and every organism vibrates at its own unique frequency. Everything has a healthy vibration level. When it falls below that level it is not healthy. When it stays at that level, it’s healthy.

So look for the Divine in everything. You will be fulfilling your love and your soul, and enriching your life when you’re seeing the Divine every place you go because you’ll understand the real truth behind the expression “We are all One. We are all connected.”

When you look at someone who is living in scarcity and they don’t have a home, you will recognize that their situation is impacting you, and the good side of that is your situation impacts them and they just may turn their life around because they see “Oh! I don’t have to live this way. I have a choice.”

Recognize that the butterfly in China flapping its wings affects the weather pattern I will experience here in Idaho in the United States. Everything that you do impacts everybody else. Everything that everybody else does impacts you.

Think about when you go into a crowded place. Sometimes you feel your energy rise. Sometimes you feel your energy zapped right out of you. Other people’s energy impacts yours just as yours impacts other people.

And we are all Spirits, and when people recognize that we are all connected, that we are all one community across the entire world, across the entire Universe, life becomes easier for everyone.

So, recognize the Love of the Light that’s within you and see it in everyone and everything. That single change in how you see others and everything will instantly open your eyes to new possibilities

The possibilities for your life are absolutely endless. From a point of your Divinity, and your love and your energy and the Spiritual being who You really are in your essence–you can be anyone who can do anything and have anything. When you know that truth in your heart and you’re living it, when you recognize it’s true for everyone and everything, your life will instantly change. It won’t happen little by little. It will happen instantly!

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