The Cause and Effect of Happiness

You probably heard about the “Law of Karma”. What, exactly, is Karma?” Different writings and teachers define it differently. Some people say it’s what you came into this lifetime to correct from a previous lifetime. Maybe you did. Maybe you didn’t. I don’t know what your belief system is.

The thing is there is a cause and effect relationship in this world. Whatever you’re ‘dishing out’ to others in the Universe will come back to you. You will reap what you sow. So, think before you act. Is that action something in your highest and best interest?

There’s that same thought again: Is it in your highest/best interest to do this thing? Is it in the highest and best interest for all those concerned? Is it going to benefit humanity while moving your life forward?

Consider that everything does indeed happen according to cause and effect. Thoughts create reality which leads directly back to more or different thoughts on that reality. Happy thoughts lead to happy experiences while sad thoughts lead to sad experiences.

Ah, then you get to choose what kind of experience you want to live. Always– every action you take-or fail to take-leads to specific consequences. The problem is that most people make those choices on a subconscious level. They think life happens to them. They believe they are victims of circumstance.

People form habits and react to circumstances and stimuli in their daily living according to those set patterns of behavior. Therefore, they fail to recognize the fact-the fact-that they choose their behaviors in every moment.

So, in every moment, people get back what they put out. The Law of Karma clearly defines that unbending rule of the Universe.

Make you choices consciously. Before acting, when you are thinking about taking a specific action, simply note how you feel. Pay attention to how you feel in your body. Do feel good? Does your energy feel high and maybe even excited? OR do you feel icky somewhere in your body-usually in your digestive system.

Your Spirit knows if this choice is good for you, for all those who will be affected by that action, and for the benefit of humanity. It speaks to you through your intuition, through bodily sensations-through gut feelings.

The best way to make decisions that lead to the good feelings and experiences that are good karma simply ask your Spirit, your Higher Self, your Soul whether or not this step is, here comes that phrase again, in your highest and best interest.

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