Spanish Short Love Poems

I know there’s a growing infatuation with short love poems in Spanish. I love writing romantic messages and love words of all kinds. I speak Spanish. It seemed like a good fit. Except that I don’t have the any extra enamoration with poems in Spanish than I do for any other poems. I’m an equal opportunity liker of the written word.

What I like is anything that is written from the heart. I also like anything that conveys profound teachings about life and love and that inspires me to be a better man. I do like poems that make me chuckle, but I’m not as likely to read them.

I don’t really care for poems, documents or reports that are well-written, specifically. Well-written isn’t what I’m going for. Good imagery isn’t what I’m going for. Rhyming isn’t what I’m going for. Great descriptions with just the right words aren’t what excites me. Spanish poems aren’t what I’m looking for specifically either.

All I like is anything written from the heart, no matter how clumsy or primitive the words may be. I like messages that teach me and deepen my understanding, not necessarily poems that exotically describe a butterfly landing on a leaf or a teardrop trickling down a child’s face — unless it carries a deeper meaning and inspires me to be better.

Now I’m not against anything I mentioned above. It’s just not what I look for. And I do use many of those tools to convey my words. And I speak Spanish, so writing Spanish poems are perfect for me! But I would never read a Spanish poem if I didn’t know Spanish. It defeats the purpose for me. You may be different. And that is beautiful in my books. I’ll write Spanish love poems whether you understand them or not.

Without further adieu, here is my latest poem I’ve written in Spanish. I’ve included the English translation for understanding. This one is me reminiscing about when I met my wife.

Mi amor, cuando te conoci
No sabia que te amaba
Mi amiga yo pensaba que eras
Hasta que llege a conocer tu alma

Despues algo me toco el corazon
No importaba cuanto queria negarlo
Un sentimiento se hinchaba adentro
Y sigue lo que me dijo mi alma


My love, when I met you
I didn’t know I loved you
My friend I thought you to be
Until I came to know your soul

Afterward something touched my heart
No matter how much I wanted to deny it
A feeling arose within
And I followed what my soul told me

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