Pursuit of Happiness

Veritable happiness is when you are enjoying existing in the moment and loving the life. It also includes doing what you really like to do and what you are enjoying most of all. Happiness is also about bringing energy into everything you perform, when your true emotions help you to gain a better understanding of what was, is and will be going on around you. It is about seeing beauty in the minute things, which it is sometimes so difficult to notice, and about waking other people`s hearts. Happiness is not necessarily the goal you have achieved – it is the process of accomplishing what you truly love and the state of knowing that the results will also bring joy and satisfaction. There is nothing better in the world.

We all have problems with getting closer to happiness, because we think that only socially valued achievements can make a human being happy. Nevertheless, success is superficial unless you are really enjoying the moment since future expectations are a fantasy that leads us to suffering. To fully understand the meaning of these words, ask yourself if you were really happy when you achieved something special or when you got to see something amazingly wonderful, so that your heart was deeply touched. Think if you felt luckier when you gained what you desired or when you were next to the one you loved.

The source of happiness in love is love for others with accepting them the way they are. First of all, it includes thinking about their needs before you think about yours.

People will not be fond of you more for your achievements, but they will definitely appreciate you more for what you are doing for them. Aspirations often put distances between people who love each other, because they need to dedicate most of their time to what they want to achieve. You may even fail to notice real happiness while you are working for your distant goal. Those who suppose that achievement will make them happy often pursue others who, as they think, will light the way for them. Nothing is able to make you happy if you are addicted to success or truly think that only success will make you contented. However, it does not mean that you have to do nothing and have no goals in life. It means that you need to do what you love and be enthusiastic about it in order to focus on it and share your joy with other people.

Only you are a maker of your own happiness – and you alone can wake up your inner world for a new life.

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