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Skin and hair problems are common these days. Thanks to the ever-increasing pollution and stress levels that has left us with scores of health disorders to deal with.

The good news is, some marketers have taken into consideration the modern days’ problems and offer plethora of personal care products that are effective and convenient to use.

People are spending more on personal care today than ever before. That’s why it makes a sound business sense to start up a beauty parlour.

It is very important to take informed decision regarding the products you will use for your customers’ satisfaction. An overview of some of the effective beauty parlour products is mentioned here, so just read on to find out what suits your requirements the best.

Entire world is going ‘Herbal’ these days. Instead of choosing conventional products of established players, you can go in for the herbal range of products. Herbal hair treatments are sure to attract clients that have a soft corner for such products.

People usually resort to beauty parlours for make-up only for grand occasions like weddings or large gatherings. Generally make-up for such occasions is heavy and takes a toll on the skin. Offering herbal make-up can be the USP of your parlour. Though herbal make-up kit costs more than their conventional counterparts, it gives splendid results on any skin type.

For facial treatments easy-to-use herbal products are a good choice. With almost no side-effects, these products are sweet-scented and rejuvenate the skin instantly. To create an oomph look for your clients, Papaya skin gel and Aloe multipurpose gel are at your help.

Range of skin-care herbal products is available for professional use. These are customised as per the skin requirements and are formulated to deliver visible results. Seasoned beauty-experts have come up with products that work well for delicate and sensitive skin type. This range of skin-care products extends to the men folk too. For a men’s salon, numerous products are vying for attention of the professional beauticians.

Herbal hair colours in brown, mahogany, purple, orange and others, are safe on the hairs and the scalp. Your salon can offer such services at a premium price and carve a niche for itself.

You can avail any of the products that you need for parlour very easily by using B2B portals. Simply browse for your needs, place an order and you have it delivered to you just as you wanted.



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