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Earth Day was yesterday and I wanted to, in some way, pay homage to Mother Earth. I had to leave for work that night, so I decided to do a short little dedication ceremony. I created my magic space – the condensed version. I lit my Gaia candle , plus a God candle and a green candle as well. I
meditated, taking in the earth’s immanent energy and dedicated myself to Mother Earth, vowing
to improve on my energy saving responsibilities, and generally just to do more for the planet.

I have been watching the Discovery Channel series, ” Planet Earth “. The dedicated photographers, journalists and staff worked on this series for five years. They have incredible
footage of just about every climate, subclimate , topography, and animal species on earth. With
the invention of a technologically advanced camera with a zoom power of up to two miles, they have
video taped migratory animals as never before. They also have captured the obvious damage around
the world, which global warming has wrought.

I’ve always had a deep feeling for animals and the earth, but in the past few years my empathy has deepened to a level which leaves me hurt and raw at times. It may be because I’m a Pisces.
It may be because of my childhood and history. I don’t know the why’s of this deep empathy, but
I DO know that the will-ful and selfish destruction of this planet and it’s inhabitants has affected me
more than I thought would be possible. On one of the segments of ” Planet Earth “, it showed a Polar bear dying, because he couldn’t reach the security of solid ice. The reason he couldn’ is
because the Polar ice has been melting earlier in the season. The bears either drown or are unable to
get to food and starve to death.

This saddens me at such a deep level, that when I see evidence of the ravages of global warming and flagrant disregard for the earth ; the womb which sustains us, it makes me cry. I feel frustrated,
angry, and extremely helpless.

But then I thought, well, I can choose to do nothing and be depressed about it or I can contribute what little I am able, and also spread the word, and try to get others involved. I don’t know exactly in
what form this will be, but it will present itself when appropriate. I have enlisted the aid of my spirit
guides, God , Goddess, and all the little elves and gnomes of the earth.

One person may not be able to do alot , but many people can do amazing things. We have seen this countless times. Case in point– women have the right to vote. That never would have been
possible without the dedication and recruitment of many women [ and some men , to give credit
where it’s due ]. If every one of us did little things, such as : turn out lights when you leave the room; don’t leave water running unnecessarily; hang out your clothes to dry on a clothesline once a week [ if
possible]; recycle bottles, plastic and anything you can. Turn off appliances when not
in use; if you live where you can do this, ride a bicycle or walk; unplug your phone charger when not
in use. There are many ways to save energy and contribute to saving the planet. And in some
little way we can be pro-active in causes , such as working toward changing the political climate.
Put politicians in there who support the planet and not big oil companies.

I could go on and on ad nauseum, but you get the idea. Searching the internet is an excellent resource for finding solutions and ways in which we can help.

I have a deep love and respect for this planet and I know I have to work harder in ” walking the
walk ” , so to speak. The earth and the elements are such an integral part of our spirituality, that I
feel we are or should be the most pro-active guardians. Mother Earth gives and sustains life, so we
need to do what we can to sustain HER.
Dale Morrison

[ Zvoruna ]

Planet Earth

Planet Earth

An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore
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