Manifesting Happiness Using the Law of Least Effort

Life was never meant to be a struggle. We create problems with our thoughts. The Law of Attraction brings those manifested thoughts to us. So why do we attract more of what we don’t want than what we do want?

Well, quite simply, we try–and we try too hard–to make our life look the way we want it to. Notice I used the word “try.” You will never succeed when you try to accomplish anything.

More important, you cannot force an outcome. When you make a goal then consciously decide how to achieve it you are asking your conscious mind to create something that only your subconscious mind can do.

Your subconscious creates your world. Only your subconscious can do the how part of reaching any goal. So, stop forcing an outcome that cannot happen that way.

There is an easier way. The universal Law of Least Effort will create the world you want with, as it states, least effort. Right-no more struggles.

Think about a river. It just flows. It doesn’t try to flow. It doesn’t think about flowing. It just flows. Well, what if you just lived your life and let it flow?

Well, how do you do that? Feel grateful for everything you have in your life exactly as your life is and exactly the way your life isn’t now. At the same time, you can intend for things to be better. You may say something like, “I am grateful for all that I am and all that I have. And I want more.”

One word of caution–always recognize that your path forward may put you through some tough times. Often, you walk through pain to get to the Light, to get to the better life, to get out of the so-called comfort zone.

When you stop resisting, when you stop fighting, when you let go of your attachment to a specific outcome or how you want it to look–that’s when your life flows. That’s when you’re floating downstream rather than struggling against the current.

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