Making The Little Things Count

After you give birth to your daughter you may have many different concerns mixed with the excitement of raising her. Raising a morally sound and confident daughter in today’s society can be quite the hefty task.

It is easy to start stressing about all that she will be exposed to at an early age, but instead you should concentrate on what you are going to do. Being her mother gives you the trump card when it comes to influence.

First, you want to make sure that you are proud of who you are. There is nothing more frustrating for a daughter than being told to do as you say and not as you do, because it can be extremely confusing.

You should make sure that if you are going to require something of your daughter you will also embody the ideal you are trying to teach. The more that you are what you preach the easier it will be for your daughter to follow your guidance.

Truly believing in what you are teaching her is also necessary. It is easy for most children to since insincerity when it comes from their parents, so you want to make sure that they never questions how sincere you are with your teachings.

Making sure that you fully understand what you are teaching is also necessary. The more that she understands about what you are teaching the easier it will be for her to understand why she should follow your guidance.

A great way to cultivate a relationship with your daughter is to take time out of your day to spend time with her. Especially when she is young you want to make sure that she feels loved and appreciated in your life.

The ways that you spend time with her do not need to be grandiose but instead need to be significant. You can make many different settings significant so that she understands how much you want to spend time with her.

For example, you will sit down with your daughter on a consistent basis to do her hair. Make this time that you are spending with her a time that you both look forward to and an opportunity to grow closer to your daughter.

There are a lot of people that just try to get through this time in the day quickly because it is not a pleasant experience for anyone involved. The more that you understand about your daughter and how she acts the easier it will be to make this time more enjoyable.

If you are having problems having her settle down to do her hair you should start by trying to get her excited about it. The easiest way to get your daughter excited about doing her hair is to take her shopping for new hair accessories.

Lately, more and more companies have been making headbands specifically for younger girls. You can shop through many different headbands until she finds the headbands that she is most excited about.

If you do not feel that these headbands are going to look good in her hair you should start by telling her that she can pick two and you are going to pick one. Trying to find one headband that you both like will be important.

Most little girls will pick a headband that they love and become attached to that headband. If you do not like the headband you will, more than likely, just have to deal with your distaste for it because of how much she likes it.

After you have the headband you can put it in a place that she will see it and remember it throughout the day. Then, when you go to do her hair in the morning remind her that you guys are going to use the headband in her hair.

You can either let her wear the headband as often as she wants or you can make it only for special occasions. These occasions can be something like her hundredth day of kindergarten or even in celebration of a Friday.

The more excited that she is about the event the easier it will be to sit her down and talk with her. When you are doing her hair make sure that you listen to what she is saying and you do not just disregard what she is saying to you.

Finally, you should make sure that you do not fight when you are doing her hair. Any type of fighting will just reinforce a negative feeling towards you doing her hair.

Tom Selwick has worked with hair products for twelve years. He works especially with girls hair accessories.

Tom Selwick

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