Little Things in Life

There are many things in life we take for granted, the passing of each new day, the changing of the seasons and all the little things in life. We sometimes forget things like listening to the birds chirping in the morning, watching the clouds pass through the sky and feeling the cool breeze brush our face. For many who find some peace within themselves, they see that these little things are what makes life worth living. Some of the other little things are a hot cup of coffee in the morning, and checking the calendar to keep track of the dates.

The humble calendar

Speaking of calendars, there is so much about this humble piece of paper that people take for granted and that most don’t even know about and that is the card making aspect of it. Card making or the creation process of a calendar 2011 for example goes through quite a process before you even see the final version. A calendar 2011 starts off from an idea or a theme that the creators have to agree upon first in and they have to take into consideration the target audience, the type of art and the design that they would want to incorporate into it. Then starts the creation process and this would involve graphics, art and also photography depending on the theme agreed upon for the card making of the calendar 2011.

The creative process

Next comes more of the production process which involves editing and sorting out all the material gathered since the beginning of the creative card making process. All photos, graphics and fonts will now also be incorporated in the design and partial layout will be created and edited until the final design will be decided upon for the calendar 2011. Then comes the tedious waiting and the approval process before printing can even be considered and this is where most of the time will be spent waiting in the card making process. After all is said and done in the card making process for the calendar 2011 people will start to view and get a feel for the final outcome and this is where you can start to see what it might look like and once all is approved, the printing process will begin. The paper and the inks to be used will also be very well monitored and chosen for a specific type of outcome. The paper type will definitely matter as things like look and feel and even logistics for delivery have to be taken into account when thinking of paper quality. Now you have a small idea of what is takes to create next years calendar.

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