How to Make More Money Writing Articles

Learning how to make money writing articles is a simple process. You just need to know 4 simple things.

1. How to Choose the Right Topic

Although it would be nice to be able write about anything you like such as your hobbies and interests, unless you happen to be into high demand things, then you may find yourself failing miserably. If you knew just how many bloggers are out there who tried making money by writing about things they enjoy, it may depress you a bit.

So how do you find the right topic? You can do this two ways. The first is to find assignments from people or companies who are willing to pay you for your articles. Since you’re getting the money for writing the article, it doesn’t really matter what the topic is as long as you are able to write something they like. The second is to use the many tools that are available on the web to determine what keywords are being searched for a lot.

2. How to Write Articles Correctly

If you want to make money writing articles for other people, then all you need to do is write however they want you to write it, but if you want to make money directly from your own articles, then you will need to know how to write in a way that will be found by search engines. You can learn the basics of on site optimization on the web. Just search for “SEO Tips”. You will also want to learn about article marketing as well.

3. How to Get Paid for Your Articles

As mentioned earlier, you can find assignments such as on where people will pay you for writing articles for them. Typically, you will be paid a certain amount of money per word. You can also make money with AdSense by either creating your own blogs or writing for certain sites like Hubpages for example. The neat thing about this is that you will get paid over and over for the same amount of work whereas when someone pays you to write an article, you only get paid once.

If you are more interested in paid work, you can search for sites online that bring writers and people who need content together so the two can do business.

4. How to Write Articles Quickly

Lastly, you need to learn how to write articles fast. If you can get paid $ 5 for a 400-word article but it takes you 45 minutes to research and write that article, then the most you can make in 8 hours is $ 50. That’s with non-stop writing all day long.

Now let’s say you learn the secret of writing articles in 15 minutes or less including research. Will that increase your income? Of course! In fact, in this case, you can increase your income by 3!

Making money writing articles is just a process. Once you master it and can crank them out one after another quickly, you can be one of the few people who can actually make a decent living by writing articles for money.

Writing articles in under 15 minutes including research is a skill you can learn that will put you ahead of the crowd and help you get one step further away from being broke all the time and one step closer to financial freedom. Learn the process writing articles for money more quickly today.

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