Healthy Candy

Candy does not have to be the teeth-rottening, fatty substance that we are told from a young age. In fact, there are some candies out there that can actually be beneficial for our health. This can be hard to believe, especially since the vast majority of candy is packed with sugar and other unhealthy additives. That is why only a small portion of the candy market is beneficial, but even that part can have detrimental effects if abused. The bottom line is, there are certain candies that can be consumed in moderation and have positive effects on your body. Most candy, no matter how little you eat of it, only has a negative effect, although the great feelings you experience from eating it makes up for that.

One type of candy that is well known for having positive health benefits is chocolate. The darker a chocolate is, the more cocoa is in it, and that is known to be a strong source of antioxidants. The candy producer Mars came out with a snack line of chocolate that centered around the healthy heart benefits of cocoa, and the products were also fortified with other vitamins and minerals. Plenty of companies have taken advantage of the knowledge about chocolate, but only a few of them have centered on it intensely. While all chocolate has health benefits, the best source of them is dark chocolate, and other types of chocolate do not have nearly the same amount of antioxidants as dark chocolate.

There are many nutritional bars and snacks on the market that have candy-like flavors, but are not candy at all. A great example is chocolate and s’more flavored power bars, as well as other products of a similar nature. While the products themselves are not candy, they use the enticement of candy flavoring to increase the appeal and taste of their bars. For anybody who is trying to cut back on their candy consumption, taking this route is a great idea, since it satisfies all cravings and makes you stronger.

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