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There are many different brands of HCG weightloss products, all of which are homeopathic, hand successed Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, which is a weakened form of the human hormone that is present when women are pregnant. The formula is a highly diluted oral remedy that is supposed to assist in the bodys detoxification process, and it helps to manage obesity when it is used with a low calorie diet. Although people initially have questions about the substance, they are easily answered by going on the Internet and doing some research. Since HCG weightloss products are made of the hormone that is found in pregnant women, it raises many questions from people, especially men. However, while pregnant women have large amounts of the hormone present, the HCG weightloss products are very low in dosage. So the big question is how do they work?

The body actually has a few different types of fat: normal fat, abnormal fat and structural fat. The structural fat is that which protects and cushions the organs of the body. Normal fat is the padding we have, such as the pads of our feet and hands. Abnormal fat is what we all try to lose, which is the excess fat on the body in all the wrong places. When the hypothalamus is stimulated, the body releases this abnormal fat, allowing it to get rid of it very quickly. This is one of the functions of the HCG- to stimulate the hypothalamus.

It is thought by some that when the hypothalamus does not operate correctly, the body stores too much fat, and a malfunctioning hypothalamus is the leading cause of obesity according to some researchers. It is also responsible for people having food cravings, constant hunger, low metabolism and a lot of extra body fat. With the low calorie diet and the HCG diet drops, the hypothalamus is thought to be properly regulated.

Using the HCG weightloss products used to involve major expenses (hundreds of dollars every month) and injections every day. However, it is now available in this drop form. Taking nothing by mouth 10-15 minutes before or after a dosage is key. This includes any type of food, drink, cigarettes, gum or toothpaste. You should shake the bottle against the palm of your hand, then you place the drops under the tongue and hold it there for about 10 seconds to allow the drops to be absorbed. That is all there is to using high quality HCG weightloss products.

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