Ex Boyfriend Poems

A heart break is too painful to deal with. You are not in the condition of thinking too much. This is when poems are useful in soothing your wounded soul. Ex boy friend poems puts a hand of empathy on your shoulder when you are experiencing this wincing pain with that special someone’s departure from your life. 

You may not have had the heart to even bid him a goodbye. Poems for ex boy friend, work as your mouthpiece when words just rebel to come out from your mouth. 

Hard hitting ex boyfriend poems:

“Broken hearts left with open wounds
Somehow yours healed real soon
Unfortunately, I’m still here
Left with guilt, pain and fear
I’m glad that you’re all right
With no more tears left to fight
But why are things still this way?
Why are there no words to say?
If we talk we fight and complain
I’m always left with nothing gained
I hurt you- then it was your turn
And like a candle I was burned
I made mistakes that I regret
Big deal, that’s life, forgive-forget
With so much life I’ve left to live
I know I have even more to give
I’ll do my best- with my head held high
To make mistakes, learn and never cry.”- Megynn 

“Why can’t I forget you?
Why can’t I get you out of my head?
Why can’t I stop crying?
Why do I feel dead?
When we were together
I felt so alive,
and now I don’t even know
if I can survive.
I know you’ve moved on,
because we haven’t talked in a while,
but I wont let you see me cry
I’ll just put on a fake smile.
Just answer me this,
did you really love me?”-Alba Rubi Penaloza

Sad ex boyfriend poems:

“im missing a dream
you were once a dream to me
but then i woke up. 

funny how time makes no sense to me anymore
yet im still counting the days you’ve been gone.
yea it’s still your stupid hands I adore. 

So tell me, when will i finally see you for who you are
I’ve seen glimpses but everyone covers up what they don’t want to believe.
to get to you again, baby i’d run so far.
Funny how, whats behind blue eyes, never fails to deceive. 

And if I’m in love with a lie
then baby keep it up
i really don’t care
how many times you make me cry.” 

“I’m your poor porcelain doll.
My face is chipped, my make-up flaking.
Blue lifeless eyes stare, not blinking.
Hair once in curls, now is tangled.
My dress of grandeur is now tattered.
I once was loved,
Held tightly, always by your side.
Never breathing, always staring.
A silent picture, the girl of your dreams.
Your love was harsh,
I became torn and battered.
My beauty faded,
Only my eyes stayed the same, never blinking,
Piercing blue.
I was your toy, until you found another.
Someone new to play with.
Your new dolly will be just like me.
Your love will wear her down,
You’ll let go, she’ll fall from your arms.
Hit the floor, and shatter into a million little pieces.
She’ll be just like me,
Unable to put herself back together, fragmented.
Join the graveyard you’ve made,
Full of poor porcelain dolls.”

Poems as nice as these portray your inner feelings when hit by such a thunderous experience of a break off. Your ex boyfriend knows what your going through, but may not actually accept your pain. This is when you can send some of the touchy ex boy friend poems which speaks for you and hits your ex boyfriend the way the break-off has hit you.


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