Discern Mumbai And Restaurants In Mumbai

The first thoughts that probably pop into your head when thinking about Mumbai are Bollywood, beaches, fashion, nightlife, food and of course, the beautiful weather. Well, all those thoughts are relevant; however, Mumbai also offers many other cool and interesting things. As a holiday destination, Mumbai is jam packed with exciting activities and attractions for the whole family. The city is one of the most amazing places that you can live (or that you can visit on holidays).

If you are new to Mumbai, reading city reviews – Mumbai will familiarize you with all the facts about Mumbai including the major centers of shopping, nightlife, attractions, theatres, restaurants, and more. Scouting as much information about Mumbai from city reviews Mumbai posted by travel enthusiasts on the web before you leave for this magnificent city will, surely, allow you to enjoy your vacation in a better way. No doubt, most of you must have seen this city in several films, and it’s just as amazing in real life. Regardless of whether you have come from an overseas country or from any other city in India, you will be keen on to discover more and find the exclusivity about Mumbai.

Feeling hungry? Mumbai has more than enough restaurants, cafes, and various other dining establishments to soothe your hunger pangs. Indian food is abundant of course, with the restaurants in Mumbai offering particularly good value for the money. Other food varieties like Chinese, Mexican, Thai, etc. also makes a strong showing in Mumbai in most of the distinctive restaurants. Take your pick out of the extensive selection of exotic dishes prepared in the authentic intercontinental style and be prepared to taste the best of different countries in Mumbai! There are also small family owned restaurants that are famed for the delectable South Indian food, although the rest of the menu is excellent as well. Anyway you look at it, Mumbai is a place where you really never have to go hungry. The problem is simply deciding which among the best restaurants in Mumbai you should try first.

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