Difference Between Mma And Karate

Although there are certain techniques and moves that may seem similar, there is a difference between MMA and Karate. Because of The Ultimate Fighter reality TV show on Spike TV people are starting to understand the real difference between the two sports.

Karate is a very old form of martial arts that originated in Japan. It was primarily for self-defense, a way to defend one’s self from an attacker even without a weapon in hand. The moves employed are for blocking an attack and counterattacking through strikes, punches, and kicks. Through the years, it has become a competitive sport and one of the most popular forms of martial arts in the world.

Mixed martial arts or MMA, from the name itself, is a combination of several forms of martial arts. Its roots can be traced back to the ancient Greeks where they participated in no holds barred and extremely brutal fighting matches. Unlike karate that evolved out of a practical need for self-defense, mixed martial arts already started out being a competitive sport. It combines different techniques to subdue an opponent inside the ring.

Practitioners believe that by selecting the most effective moves from different martial arts and incorporating them into one form, they are creating a better and more efficient form of fighting style. There are many forms of martial arts employed in MMA fighting but the dominant styles used Jiu-Jitsu, grappling, and wrestling. Fights are relatively short, usually five minutes per round.

The rules in MMA also differ from others. One is allowed to strike an opponent when he or she is standing or lying on the ground. Other contact sports such as boxing do not allow strikes when one competitor goes down. Although it is allowed in MMA, strict officiating is enforced. A match is stopped when one fighter knocks out or renders unconscious his or her opponent. Another is when one submits to the dominant fighter and if the referee sees that a fighter cannot defend himself anymore from his opponent.

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