Difference Between Blog and Website

We all are familiar with the terms ‘website’ and ‘blogs’. We use these terms quite frequently almost everyday. But if asked what exactly is the difference between a blog and a website, most of us would struggle or even fail to give the right answer. Most of the people even think that a blog and a website are similar. This is far from the truth. So what exactly is the difference between a blog and a website? Read further and you will find all your queries answered.

A website is a group of different web pages which are used to gather or deliver information. Website can be an corporate, educational or ecommerce websites. A blog is solely meant to provide information. A website is generally formal in nature. A blog is an informal medium of conveying information. A blog is more like an online diary where a blogger can write about the personal interests, experiences and reviews. A website publishes only formal and official information. It is more difficult to change the content of a website as compared to the blog.

When it comes to creating a website, it is more difficult and takes more time. To create a website one needs to have a specific knowledge of html, php, xml etc. Whereas to create a blog is easy and simple. One can create a free or hosted blog with built-in templates. It can also be customized based on the need and preferences. Website development requires a huge amount of money. There are so many things to be done like domain registration, web hosting, content development etc. it takes only a few dollars to host a blog. You can even do it for free using some free blogging services like Blogger, WordPress etc.

Since blogs are personal in nature, they are not created with a focus on the marketing aspect. Thus, they are more vibrant in terms of design, content and layout. Websites are created with a specific purpose and are restricted in terms of design and structure. Websites contain less information as they usually describe the parent organisation. Blogs can be represented in many ways.

Blogs are dynamic in nature and are updated frequently. A website’s content is updated only if there is any change in the product or services. Websites have a one way communication as they only inform the visitors about a particular business. Blogs have a two way communication. Readers can read and give their feedbacks as well. Professional business website design is required to represent a business, however a blog can be designed simply.

Therefore, a blog and a website differ from each other in many ways.

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