Delicious and Healthy Breakfast Recipes

From Monday to Friday, you may be extremely rushed in the morning. Most of us do not get time to have breakfast and just pick up a muffin, pancake or cream cheese while rushing towards the car. Many of us just skip breakfast. With time, this becomes a habit and impacts your health. This is particularly not good for people wanting to lose weight.

Here are some recipes for a healthy breakfast to start you day with:

Yogurt, Berry and Oat Breakfast Trifle

Many dieters start their day with a bowl of yogurt. Yogurt is no doubt a convenient, tasty and, above all, a healthy food available in many flavors. However, it gets really boring to have it in the traditional way every day. Let’s see how we can make a delicious, yet convenient and healthy recipe out of it.

Ingredients: This is for 2 servings:

100g strawberries (approx 8)
200g yoghurt (low fat in strawberry flavor)
50g raisons
50g oats

Method: Properly wash the strawberries and cut them all into quarters. Take one fourth of yogurt in a bowl and sprinkle some raisons on it. Also, add oats followed by strawberries. Put the next one-fourth of the yogurt and again sprinkle raisons over it. Again add oats and strawberries to it. Follow the same procedure in another bowl. And your healthy breakfast is now ready to serve.

Summer Fruit Compote Recipe

Fruits have always been great as breakfast food. This recipe a delight for fruit lovers.

Ingredients: This is for 2 servings:

1 large orange
4 red plums
2 apricots
½ cup pineapple pieces
100g of low fat yogurt

Method: Chop all the fruits and put them in a bowl. Mix them well. Add low fat yogurt, any flavor you like. Your breakfast is now ready.

Note: If apricots and pineapple are out of season, you can use tinned fruit. However, avoid the syrup.

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