Creating Structures For Happiness and Bypassing Those Which Bring You Down

At first it may seem trite, but the benefit is akin to owning the most fertile land on the planet where a lifetime of harvesting can be reaped. The state of joy is a state of freedom and it creates a path of least resistance to all that you desire. A happy child is a child who does well across the board, a happy businessman is one who is successful at what he does. A happy writer is a person who finds great pleasure in writing. When you are happy the things you are up to in life work. You attract all the right people and you find yourself always falling into the right opportunities.

Building a structure for happiness and joy is not as strange as you might think. Why do you suppose you do anything, you do it because you think it will make you feel better. You want a beautiful relationship because you want to feel the joy of it.

Don’t spend your entire life building a structure of yourself to attain the things that will make you happy, instead, build yourself as a structure of happiness and the situations and circumstances and things of life will come your way.

What are these structures? Happy structures are those things and places and thoughts and people who you find it easy to be happy around.

Become aware when you notice situations and circumstances and places and things where you might automatically think or say something diminishing. That is great news because that is a structure in your life for which you can invent a better feeling thought, a better interpretation or story. I used to make the President wrong all the time but I learned to simply say, ‘he’s doing the best he can’. I no long have that ugly feeling I used to have whenever anything reminded me of him. That is one additional structure in my life where I feel happier than I did before.

How to build a happier structure is easy. There are three basic possibilities. One would be to remove things from your environment that annoy you. Perhaps there is a painting in your den that you really don’t like, it’s not ‘feeling good’. We have many things as such, and it could be huge, you might have a big irritation with the city you live in. The second of course would be upgrading the conversations you have about all things beginning with those you feel the most about. And third would be to bring things into your environment you’d love to have there. Perhaps you would really like a hanging plant in the kitchen or you would like clean windows.

When you think you have run out of things to upgrade, look for even better upgrading conversations about the people you love. Express gratitude and appreciation often. This will do more for your self esteem than you can know.

Don’t be around people who don’t make you happy. Don’t do things to others that will make them less than happy. Don’t make diminishing comments about yourself or others, that make you move away from a good feeling about yourself. Make people feel good just being around you. And you can only do that by feeling good about yourself. If you feel good about yourself people will read the love, the vibration they feel around you. You are the emotional environment you feel about yourself. That’s big and that is powerful, and it doesn’t cost you a dime.

All of my writings live in the domain of the law of attraction but the best work on this amazing subject can be accessed via the internet and reading Abraham-Hicks. The secret to a happy life is to reach for happier feeling thoughts.

Creating structures for happiness is no doubt the best thing one can do to insure a happy life; it is best begun when you are young, but you can begin anywhere and anytime you choose. You’ll find it fun and exhilarating. Gather along the path of your future all the joy you can muster for yourself and others.

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