Cosmetics Dealers Dilemma

Distributor of a cosmetic operation since 2004, is currently facing difficulties, that enterprises have been following the rapid growth period, facing a sharp drop in sales of the passive situation. In recent months, meager sales, down panic. More seriously, there have been living beyond their means, but there is no solution. Do companies have entered China Private enterprise The average life expectancy of 2.9 years?

Yuxi dealers led his team listened to the author’s lectures, invited to exchange their business, hoping to find solution.

Interviews: Yuxi a total offices, set up a manager, an assistant manager, marketing director of eight employees, including part-time and full-time two types, of which the majority part-time. Specific number of employees is not clear, because that is what they are occasional. There are several points, mainly located a few beds, cosmetic use as a client, but rather spartan. Has a meeting room that can accommodate 20 people. As the products are cosmetic, these people are women.

Day to exchange program to four marketing director, but only 3 individuals. Manager and assistant manager are coming.

Order to understand the situation, I listened to their current situation.

Zhengzhu Ren has been working in the field for three years, which is involved in this product are older and have their own work. Now have their own store, an area of more than 80 square meters, but is open for three days, two days of closing of the state. Reason is no customer is interested. More specific details asked when the site was, he likes quiet, remote places also chosen. I did not expect really be so quiet. Although to do promotions, hair Advertisement But that is no one knows. At that time, there are many around Life District, level can be, thinking that there is Consumption Groups. But there is more traffic than the flow.

Minister Li in the office floor has its own independent operating point, are full-time. Men have more than 20 people, but not sales, because Management Completely loose. Volume is not very satisfactory.

General director, there is beauty in their own point of going it alone, mainly a leisure life.

When I share with several dealers, the sense of the following problems.

First, we are very confused and do not know how.

Second, they feel that they can not be reconciled, but the overall situation in Yunnan is very bad. If this continues, will be out of danger.

Third, the team has appeared to lose morale situation. Every time we would learn, are more officials than Bing. Is Clerk Is not to move.

As simply communication, the author, and not too in-depth understanding of the specific situation, but I had a vague feeling that everyone’s confused and lost.

Specific proposals: First ideas determine. Can be felt from the exchanges, these people are good people, in full accordance with the rules and regulations head office. But one thing is that, given the specific circumstances. If the successful experience of carrying Lenin in the Soviet Union out of Marxism in China, only a dead end. Required extraordinary courage. If you do not break, surely a dead end. If you break the company routine operation, there may be opportunities to save, why not try it!

The second is to change the clerk’s management. Salesman If in commission, absolutely no power. Staff at the grassroots level, we must first solve the problem of survival. Do sales, general hard overnight, need long-term accumulation, can produce quantitative to qualitative change. The current number of a company salesman, would not have a substantial qualitative change.

Third, image-shop. Offices located in remote areas, and overall general decoration. This renovation will be defined as middle and low consumption groups. However, according to the author or exchange, the company is in the high-end consumer groups, such decoration and does not match the identity of target consumer groups.

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