Christian Encouragement Poems

The best part about Christianity is the Savior, Jesus Christ. Because no matter how you call Him, no matter what your own beliefs are, the atoning blood of the Savior is always there. So what does that all mean anyway? What that means is when you are in the lowest of low points, when you are discouraged beyond measure, when you are depressed, frustrated and in deep pain, you still have support.

When no one loves you, when you are all alone, when the whole world is stacked against you, when everything is going wrong, when the pain is overwhelming, you still have support. No matter how much guilt you have, no matter how much shame is smothering you, no matter how heavy your heart is, you still have support. God is still there. The atonement still works. You still have support.

You can place all your burdens on the Lord. In fact, it’s necessary. He has the power to take them from you. All you have to do is let go. That doesn’t mean you don’t have to deal with the consequences of your actions. You do. You have to make amends. You have to make things right. You have to pay off your debt, whatever it is. But your pain can go away. Your heart can be set free. You still have support.

You are fully and constantly supported and drowning in love at every given instant of the day. The only pain you feel is the lie of not feeling supported or loved. When you open your heart even the slightest crack, the love and atonement of the Savior come flooding in. May you let the Savior into your heart and into your life. May you let the love of God begin to trickle into your heart.

May you enjoy these love words and the Christian encouragement poems I’ve written below.


We all signed the contract to be here
With a loving Father to guide us
We see the progress we’re making
Knowing our learning is for something

He will withhold nothing from us
If we’re but willing to receive
Perfection is the pinnacle
The prerequisite for power

Anything less cannot handle
The awesome responsibility
The creative power of the Gods
Or assisting others on their journey

Perfection, both body and spirit
Both physical and spiritual
Of our individual beings
Is the passport for admission

But we break that contract every day
Causing irreparable damage
Like breaking glass or killing someone
Nothing we do can make it whole again

Disqualified automatically
We cannot redeem our mistakes
Like paying debts with cash we don’t have
Perfection cannot be had again

Divine Solution:
Unless a third party is involved
One not under condemnation
Free from the penalties of the law
A perfect being with our same contract

He appeases two laws eternal
Those of mercy and justice
One is the law, which can’t be erased
The other, a gift to make us whole

The demands of justice must be met
The laws are perfectly upheld
Yet, a promise the Father won’t make
Without a way for its fulfillment

Hence, another intercedes for us
Fulfilling all ends of the law
Making possible once again
The contract we signed long ago

He does for us what we cannot do
Paying our debts with His perfection
Tied to Him, we’ve access to Divinity
Through Him, it’s all made possible

Our spirits now have a new chance
But perfect bodies we still need
Since death becomes each one of us
Physical restoration we need

To our rescue He comes once again
The first to have a body made perfect
Through Him again we’ve access to this
Our spirits and bodies restored

Without this divine third party
No chance would we have to fulfill
The potential and purposes
Providence has provided for us

All the third party asks in return
Is for all we can possibly do
After that, He’ll take care of the rest
The contract and promise complete

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