Herbal skin care

For many centuries herbs have been trusted and used in many products, and they have proved over and over that they do work. Today we are going to be focusing on herbal skin care; we will look at the different herbs that are useful in skin care.

What we need to understand is that we are all unique and therefore our skins are also unique so if a certain herbal skin care works for another it does not necessarily mean it will work for the next person.

There are many herbal skin care products out there that contain the natural herbs in them these of cause will help the skin but will not produce results as instantly as the herbs themselves, but then if you cannot access the real herb then it is best to us what is available that is the products in the cosmetic stores.

Herbs such as milk thistle are essential in any herbal skin care this is because this special herb has the ability to enhance the levels at which toxins are excreted in the body through the skin.

Milk thistle helps the liver remove toxins that are cause by substances such as alcohol and thus helping the skin get rid of the toxins.

Another common herb in herbal skin care is aloe Vera; yes good old aloe vera can help your skin. Now we all know that aloe Vera is good for the skin, what we don’t know is what exactly aloe Vera does.

This herb help heal cuts on the skin and will also help reduce the appearance of the scar caused by the cut aloe Vera also helps your skin heal wounds caused by burns and it also helps hydrate the skin.

The good thing about aloe Vera is that it is available almost everywhere so its cheap.

For toners you can use witch hazel, or hydrosols. Examples of hydrosols include lavender, rosemary, chamomile, rose, rosewater and orange blossom water.

Green tea can also be used in the herbal skin care as a toner. Your herbal toner is made by simply adding the above listed hydrosols in water overnight and the washing the skin with water the next day.

And for herbal tea all you have to do is boil the tea and let it cool.

Another very important substance in your herbal skin care is water yes water.

Water is known as the universal solvent and no herb can be effectively absorbed into the body unless it is in water or water is consumed after taking it.

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