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What is Melaleuca? Well, Melaleuca is a wellness company that has been around for 25 strong years. They offer a wide variety of products from household cleaners, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, weight loss products and many more. Over 300 items of products for you to choose from. From personal experience, I have found that these products are much better than the products you will find at your grocery store and least expensive. Most of the products are concentrated and will last longer which has helped many even myself save quite a bit of money. As I searched myself for Reviews of Melaleuca Products, I thought of sharing my story of how and why I became a customer of Melaleuca. I was an avid Clorox Bleach person, and not knowing the dangers of using this product, I continued to use it until my son developed asthma. He was using a nebulizer two times a day. When I was introduced to Melaleuca by a partner called Internet CEO Moms, I quickly learned that the chemicals I had been using for my home where the ones that were harming my son. Clorox and other cleaners release a formaldehyde that contaminates the air in your home and causes all types of lung problems.

Once I had learned about the dangers of Clorox and other products, I became a customer with Melaleuca. I have been a customer with Melaleuca for over 6 months now and have been completely impressed with the way the products work. When I started using the cleaning products, I noticed that my son’s asthma completely disappeared within one month. This totally blew me away and I am definitely grateful to Melaleuca for the products that have made to help many moms make a difference in their homes.

Another common problem with children today is that horrible skin disease called eczema. Unfortunately my son had it but it wasn’t as much as a problem for me as it is for many other moms. One of the skin products that Melaleuca sells is a moisturizing cream that works incredibly! Using the laundry detergent that they also sell has been a big help for my family as well, no more skin rashes of any kind and my son’s eczema was gone within days. I completely switched stores and saw a huge savings and overall better health.

Here are my personal Reviews of Melaleuca Products and how they worked for me. I hope you find this review helpful.

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