What is Love – Thoughts About Love

Love is the most pleasurable and important thing that you can experience. There are different types of love. Many people are looking for good relationships. Think what you crave from your were attracted to someone and this is what it means to you. It can be a combination of acts, such as: nice words, being reliable, praise, complements, gifts, attention, talking, spending time together, being faithful, helpful and more. There is God’s love too which means you have warm feelings toward everything and everyone.

Have you ever met a person who will tell you “I love you” but you wouldn’t feel or believe him or her? This is because you have a different language to express it. Sometimes you need to be convinced how they feel about you. Some people feel more accepted and cared of than others. For example, some people believe everyone loves them even if no one really does anything for them. And others don’t believe it no matter what you do for them.

Different types

Some people view love when someone helps them. Others experience love when they get attention and hear praise. What is that you really want from people? I know people who don’t care receiving praise or complements but others crave it most of all. Some people view love in money. Really, some people feel it when someone spends money on them and buys gifts.

But what if you want to love someone and you don’t know how? This is a tough question that many people don’t even know what it means for them. They don’t know how to feel it toward someone. Most often this people didn’t get enough affection in their life or in childhood or weren’t convinced in love by someone else. A person who had a hard or tough childhood has harder time to be nice to others. Some people don’t believe in love at all. Does this mean that it doesn’t exist? No, it does exist, you just need to find it and understand what it means to you.

What is it? It is the most beautiful and warm feeling that you can experience and it makes a world a better place. It can be romantic, friendship, love toward relatives. All we want to be accepted, appreciated and cared for. Look for it and you will find. For most people romantic love is the strongest. For others God’s divine feelings is the strongest. Spirituality and faith really helps you to experience it. When you know you are accepted by God, it’s easier to treat others the same too.

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