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Clever trick may be little known, but it is new and unique, feasible; clever move may appear to be normal, but it abandoned the traditional, exemplary guide. Clever move as the soil in a seed, once the root, first emerged, it will demonstrate its vitality. In fact, this grain “seeds” on the buried Service Workshop every corner. As long as good at mining, will have a clever trick. This part is we built a technology platform, if you are interested, may wish to “pointing clever trick Jiyangwenzi” so clever move in our Using a powerful technology in the distribution of charm!

Replace valve stem seals without removal of cylinder head

Aging or damaged valve seals, exhaust pipe to take blue smoke, engine Burning oil . According to the traditional repair method requires removing the cylinder head, resisting valve, remove the valve spring, air lock films and so on, then replace the valve seal. This method is reliable, but often takes time to 2h package on the new oil. Such as the replacement valve stem seals as small parts have to be struggling, this process seems to “not worth”, also often can damage the cylinder disassembly mat, pollution Coolant Even when the disorder is caused. Is there a quick and easy, it can ensure the quality of the process?

If you do not split cylinder head, the same can also be replaced valve seals. Remove the cylinder head to the traditional method is to be able to easily withstand the valve. In fact, when replacing valve seals valve does not subside as long as the guarantee, cylinder head can be removed without removal. If you want to change into a cylinder, exhaust valve seals, you can use twine Diaozhu valve, when necessary, remove the cylinder Spark Plug , To introduce high-pressure air from the spark plugs holes can withstand valve, valve oil seals for the disassembly. This saves time for at least 1.5h, and to avoid dismantling the cylinder head gasket cylinder head damage, disorder and the timing of cooling water from contamination or defects and other issues.

Single hydraulic system of air-independent rule

Hydraulic brake system memory in the air, there will be bad brake, brake pedal greater flexibility in the fault phenomena. Routine maintenance work, generally the two complement each other, one in Drive I Shijin brake pedal, the other in the tire below the exhaust. This method is not only time consuming, but a little careless with the bad, “soft foot” can not guarantee the full exhaust, affecting braking performance. In the case of shortage, whether single independent operation, the completion of the repair process, the exhaust hydraulic system then?

“Pressure Exhaust Law” is to use compressed gas to exhaust methods. In this way, one person can operate independently, effort, save time and save Brake Fluid , And the exhaust completely, the effect is better than the traditional method of exhaust, the specific operation is as follows: Open brake master cylinder tank

will 300kPa about the introduction of high-pressure gas (also available from the vent the introduction), brake wheel cylinder to be filled after the brake fluid, loosen the brake wheel cylinder deflation plug, to be 1? 2s deflated after the closure plug, pay attention to add brake fluid. In general, a slave cylinder of gas within the first can be excluded from the net, away from the brake master cylinder according to a recent order from far away to the slave cylinder can be cleaned out of gas.

This method can be used not only exhaust brake system, hydraulic control for the clutch system is also very effective. Avoid a number of clutch pedal operation.

For compressed gas storage tank seal population issues, and some special stations equipped with special interface devices, the high-pressure gas through the threaded end cap with the introduction of the corresponding tank. I just solved the compressed gas reservoir fluid sealing problems, “pressure exhaust Act” would be more widely used.

Idle You car has broken down quickly approach

Beverly, Buick, and mileage and some other models in the process of long-term use will often encounter the phenomenon of Idle Speed. Mechanic in the troubleshooting process, often in the post-test found no fault code, good ignition, fuel supply to normal vacuum hose no problem, cleaning idle bypass valve and the associated intake manifold way, but the fault remains. Maintenance data in accordance with the above, remove Battery Negative wire to do the initial processing, idling vehicles still travel. The do seem to have done, failure is not excluded.

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