Frightening and Scary Thoughts in Anxiety

The onset of anxiety can be a very frightening experience a shock to the system. One day you are fine the next you are struggling with anxiety and all the horrible symptoms it brings.

Anxiety leaves you questioning yourself as to whether you are going mad or have some severe mental illness.

Your life, your every day living is thrown into turmol, you dread waking up everyday with the same feelings of fear. All you can think about in anxiety are your thoughts, you become introverted and concerned with your scary thoughts struggling to find a way out, wondering why and how you can think a certain way.

My first experience of anxiety left me totally scared, I was frightened to talk to anyone about what was happening to me, frightened they might think I was mad or confirm to me I was mad.

The most frightening feeling for me was the feelings of unreality of feeling like not being here in the present this sensation was frightening I thought I would eventually get into this unreality state and remain there living within a wall that I could not escape from.

Each day would involve new sensations, new thoughts I would hold on to myself for dear life afraid to think. Anxiety is such a lonely and scary illness, an illness of watching everything about yourself, however it is possible to recover from anxiety. I have recovered and happy to say I can enjoy life again.

One of the ways I view our scary thoughts in anxiety is as follows:

I am sure at some point in your life you have had a tune play over in your head a tune that you could not get out. Something you heard off the radio that is now playing over and over in your head.

Very annoying and irritating to say the least but this did not make you anxious? This to me is like Anxiety Fear playing over in you head (but of course in this case Anxiety Fear playing without its fear). How did you manage to get rid of that tune you heard on the radio playing around in your head?

Think about it for a moment? How did you get rid of that annoying song/tune? You thought it, you let that tune play on because there was nothing else you could do and bam during the day or night at some point that tune left you.

You did not wake the next day wondering if that tune will come back playing in your head, you probably did not even give it a second thought. Why do you think it left you?

It left you because you did not give it meaning, it did not frighten you, it was not important, it did not scare you, you did not have to think about why you were singing that tune in your head. You did not and this is very important go away questioning and analyzing why you were singing that tune.

Now if you have the same approach to your anxious thoughts (Anxiety Fear) and you do not pay them attention, you do not give them any meaning, any importance, you just stood and watched them play out, they would eventually just become that annoying tune and leave you because you are not adding any of your natural fear and response to it, not questioning it.

My name is Bisola, married and a mother of 3 wonderful children. I suffered with anxiety for 20yrs I am now fully recovered, I have written an ebook about my expereince and cure from anxiety and ocd.

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