Zumba: The Spicy Way To A Skinnier Middle

So what exactly is this craze with the infomercials and weird name? Maybe it is a real testimony to its popularity that Zumba has been going strong for around 10 years despite the queasy feeling you get when you first here about it.

It all began with aerobics instructor, Alberto Perez, who one day in his native Columbia forgot his aerobics tapes and grabbed some Latin pop music from his car as a quick replacement. His class loved the impromptu dance movements and music that was a refreshing change from their traditional aerobics class. Perez eventually moved to Miami and it snowballed from there. Cut to the present. The Zumba Fitness Party industry is booming with classes being taught to legions of fans, all over the world.

During the one hour class participants forget they are in a gym, loosing themselves in relaxed Latin dance choreography and hit world music. Instructors have the freedom to bring their own personalities into play, so splashes of Bollywood or belly dancing moves can be found interspersed between Latin steps, from the merengue and samba to the cha cha. Catchy dance steps, hot music, surging endorphins, and pouring sweat are just part of the mix. Classes form a tight community of mates in the party-like atmosphere. And not just any gym members can so easily transfer their sculpted bodies and class routines straight to the night clubs.

Zumba attendees usually range in age from the young 20s to the more experienced 60s and are predominantly women, though new DVDs are targeting both kids and seniors. Despite the energetic pace and intensity, beginners quickly fall into step and gain confidence with the big, bold movements. Some fans avidly seek classes out 5 times a week. It makes sense when they can see dramatic changes in muscle tone, stamina, flexibility, and weight loss. And routines are always natural-feeling and fresh. 

A range of gyms in Manchester offer their own schedule of classes, and since classes are affordable, it’s easy to pop in and try out a troop, or shop around for the instructor that feels right.

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