Important Little Things That Women Notice – You Won’t Succeed With Women Without These

Men and women differ in all areas of their lives by the way they communicate, think, perceive, react, respond, and appreciate. Women are very keen observer and they notice every little detail you may even think as mundane but this can work wonders for men because every simple deeds they make will never go unnoticed. So, what are these important little things that women notice and why are men making a big fuss about it?

o When a woman meets a man, the most important thing she looks at is the eyes and smile that display interest and kindness. They find it even irresistible if you can smile with your eyes too. Remember that the first three minutes is vital because you will be summed up, labeled, and judged so also take note of your appearance. Make preparations before you meet her so that she will know you care about a good presentation and make sure not to over dress.

o Don’t underestimate the power of non-verbal communication because 90% of how you carry yourself, your movement, your facial expression, and how you deal with the space around you contribute to the kind of person you are. Don’t slouch because your posture plays an important role and don’t lean forward too much either because this shows you’re too eager to be with her soon.

o Women are very keen to details. They will notice if you need didn’t shave or you need a haircut, they will even notice if you have long and dirty fingernails so be 100% conscious of your overall personality and appearance when you are with a woman. She may not react if you make this mistake but this will not get you the woman of your dreams.

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