5 Killer Tips to Make Money Writing Articles Online

Recently in these recession hit times, a large number of people are trying to make money writing articles on the internet along with other means like forum postings, blogging, online trading etc.

The most important thing that you should keep in mind before thinking about making money by writing articles is that you should really be able to write articles. Writing turns some people off, you should not be one of them, and you should enjoy writing the articles.

Most people might think that writing articles is an extremely easy way to earn money (and by going through some articles on a few blogs I agree with them), the standards of the articles accepted these days is very poor and the blogs and article directories should think about reviewing their acceptance criteria, however this is a completely different subject.

Following are some tips on how to make money writing articles and most of you might find these points useful.

1) Always write on topics about which you know: It sounds quite obvious, but try to stick to your strengths while trying to make money writing articles. Never try to write on hot topics you know nothing about, just for the sake of earning. The readers and editors will surely know that you are bluffing.

2) Most amateur and part time writers tend to write articles on general topics like cooking, fitness, food, drinks, sports and so on but the large volume of articles in such general categories, don’t “monetize” as compared to the other more specific or technical topics, and this might put you at a disadvantage and lower the demand for your articles .

The categories which tend to attract most advertisers and web surfers are: Finance, Business, computers, health, medicine etc. These are basically those categories which might require higher levels of expertise (any person can write an article on how to cook or lose weight). So having some kind of advanced degrees, special training or good knowledge of such categories will set you apart from the crowd

3) One should always think like a freelancing writer: Keep on a constant Look out for article writing opportunities in day to day current events, news, holidays, change in seasons, latest and hot trends etc. Try outwitting fellow writers by thinking one step ahead of them.

4) Make it Short and to the point: Nowadays no one has time to read long endless articles anymore, so make your articles short, crisp and to the point. Try to stick to the word limit set by the editor and exceed that limit only if there is absolute need to do so but make sure you tell the whole story without missing out on points, and follow the guidelines and templates set by the editor or blogger you are writing for.

5) Write engaging and clear titles: Make sure you have nice keywords in the title of your article so that someone searching for a related topic will find it easily. The title needs to be direct and concise.

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