Difference between Cologne and Aftershave

Men’s skin care is an equally important a topic as that of their female counterpart. Modern urban man gives equal importance towards beauty therapies and pay attention towards making their skin glowing healthy by using the best of the available products in the market. The matter is not only using the costliest of the items available in the market but using the right thing for the right skin type to take out the beauty what is naturally contained but got suppressed somehow. So in this connection, the commonest of mistake is to consider the cologne and the aftershave as interchangeable names of the same product. Contrary to this popular belief, there are actually big differences between the aftershave products and colognes. Broadly speaking though, the colognes and aftershave both accomplish the basic goal of making men smell nice; they both have their uses, but these are completely different.

As the name suggests, aftershaves are products that are used (particularly by men) after they shave. When a sharp razor blade has been dragged across one’s skin, it begins to show wear. Pulling a sharp razor on a sensitive area of the skin, such as the face, means causing all the more damage to the sensitive skin. Pulling at the little hairs on one’s face mean that pores are opened, using a comparatively blunt razor can cause irritating grazes on the skin, constant use of shaving foam can cause dry skin and poor shaving technique can cause nicks and cuts. Because the shaving action of the sharp blade can wear off the outermost skin lining, aftershaves are designed to contain antiseptics that heal the skin surface. Moreover, most aftershaves have an anesthetic which numbs the area during the healing process. Colognes on the other hand, are nothing more than perfumes made up of essential oils and can do nothing but aesthetics good.

Aftershave: Aftershave products basically come in three types of medium, lotion or balm, liquid and gel. They have antiseptic properties, which help to heal the wounds on the skin, and many contain a mild anesthetic content which helps to numb the skin while healing takes place. Some aftershaves are manufactured with special added ingredients like some kind of skin moisturizer and perfume as added fragrance. However, for the most sensitive skin types it is recommended to use the pure aftershave that doesn’t contain any additional fragrances. To close off the semi-opened skin pores, aftershaves are also designed to be an all-in-one astringent. This helps in closing the pores so that bacteria can’t penetrate easily. The liquid aftershaves are said to contain the most astringent (alcohol-based) content that’s why you must expect it to sting a little upon its application

Cologne: The word cologne is short for Eau de Cologne, which is a perfume which was first produced in the German city of Cologne. It is now used to mean any perfume or fragrance. In fact, true cologne has a concentration of only 2%-5% essential oils, and is based on citrus scents. They extend from typical natural fragrances made of citrus, moss and wood to fruity-floral scents.

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