Create More Articles In Less Time – Top 7 Strategies

1. Start – Start is the only way to become prolific You don’t even need to think about being prolific at this point. Just start writing. Generating content is not that hard, getting started can be hard. Get Started.

2. Write Often – I know the best way to become a prolific is to write and generate articles often. Generating content regularly and often gets you in the flow. When you are in the flow you will generate more.

3. Use your Best time – Many people have their own “best time” to write an article. Although by now I can stop and generate an article anytime at all, I write article in the morning that is my best time. Try out different times and discover what your best time to write is. Utilize your best time to write articles.

4. Ideas and Titles – Whenever you think of a title or idea for an article, note it down somewhere. Then you will have an ongoing and growing list of ideas and titles which you can refer to while writing an article.

5. Pay Attention – Notice the titles of magazine articles and newspapers. Notice what your students or clients discuss. Notice the questions they ask. Write it down somewhere.

6. Start before you end – This strategy is 1 of the main reasons I can create as much articles as I want. When you have finished and submitted a brand new content, do not think that you are done. You are not done until you start to create the next content. Create a title and some bullet points at least. plenty of times you will be motivated to finish the article. At least you will have another article started and prepared to go when it’s time to create again.

7. Use Templates – Article Template is a format of using the 1 formula for each article you write, you can find and use as many template as you want. Below is the sample of Article template\
1. Title
2. Introduction
3. Article Body
4. Resource Box

Using these strategies you can create more articles in less time.

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