Zumba Fitness- The Best Fitness Program


The word Zumba which is a Latin-inspired fitness class means moving quickly and having fun. The zumba program which is known to be a dynamic, exciting as well as effective dance exercise combines dance styles such as cumbia, salsa, flamenco, meringue, mambo, chacha, reggaeton, belly dancing, bhangra, samba, hip-hop and tango. The good thing about this dance is its easy dance movements compared to other dance exercise. This has made anyone easily joins zumba and it is intended for all. This dance fitness program is intended for all even for women, men and children. Going to a zumba class is like attending a party.

During the 1990s a choreographer and dancer Alberto Perez in Colombia created a dance fitness program called Zumba. The program combines Latin and International music with dance making the exercise more fun. Now in almost 110 countries of the world you can find over 90,000 fitness center locations that are active. The key ingredient to Zumba dance fitness classes is basically music. Over ten million active participants are now served by licensed instructors. In the United States, the fitness program is recognized by leading fitness educators including the Aerobic Fitness Association of America, the IDEA Health and Fitness Association and the American Council on exercise.

Those who have tried Zumba testified that it is very effective in losing weight and building stamina even by completing just a couple of classes. In other words, it is not just ordinary dance fitness but also a workout activity. Many people choose this kind of dance exercise as the whole body is involved. As your legs are constantly moving and arms join in the rest of other body parts will follow.

You won’t feel that your muscles are aching after exercising Zumba because you are not force to do the dance rhythm you can’t handle. Having exercise party at home will be done with your work out or dance partners at home.



You may visit http://www.zumbageelong.com.au if you are looking for a reliable fitness program. Enjoy the easy and simple steps of Zumba and enjoy.


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