The Power of Meditation

“Self-actualizing people must be what they can be”

Rather than starting at the beginning, I think it will be beneficial to start at the end. Let me describe what meditation will do for you.

Have you ever noticed the people who go through life as the lucky ones? They get all of the breaks. When you talk to them you realize how different they are compared to people living at ordinary levels of awareness. These people are connected to the genesis, the universal source of energy from which we all came. We all have that connection but some learn to control that connection better than others. Meditation will teach you how to control that connection.

People who have learned to use this universal source of energy have made themselves available for success. It is impossible to get them to be pessimistic about achieving what they desire in their lives. Rather than using language that indicates that their desires may not materialize, they speak from an inner conviction that communicates their profound and simple knowing that the universal source supplies everything.

Genesis people who are totally connected know that they will attract what ever they think about. So, they only think about what they want to happen and not what can go wrong. Genesis people know there is an infinite supply of what ever you think about. The universal source energy cannot relate to scarcity, or things not working out because it makes no judgment about good or bad. If I say to the source, things probably will not work out; I will receive back exactly what I sent to it.

This may sound like a fantasy world but if it is, why has meditation been here for thousands of years? If you choose to listen and learn, meditation can teach you to get connected to the universal source energy from which we all emanated. You can learn the power of attraction, but first and foremost you must discard your ego. You cannot make yourself available for success with an ego.

Meditation will teach you how to keep your thoughts on what you intend to create in your life. Meditation will keep a clean connection to the universal source energy and then watch for the clues that what you have summoned from the source is arriving in your life. We are ALL connected to the universal source energy; meditation will give you the best possible connection.

The ‘Power of Meditation’ can get you attached to the genesis where there are no accidents and nothing can go wrong!

Garrett McCabe’s Brain Unleashed is co-authored with Elizabeth Huntington PhD who was a lecturer and teacher of meditation for the sub-conscious mind for more than thirty years. “Did you find those tips on meditation useful? You can learn a lot more about how meditation can help you at Garrett’s website”

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