Manifesting Through Meditation

Before and after every thought in your mind, there is a silent awareness. However, most of the time your thoughts are coming so fast you don’t notice.

Meditation is a practice in which you can access your inner silence. In meditation you can quieten your mind and bring yourself back to yourself. . . away from all the busyness and noise in your head.

There are many different meditation techniques which can open the door into a quiet mind. Chanting, listening to music, observing and listening to the flow of a river or ocean waves, guided meditation and more. All can temporarily still your active mind and provide you with a glimpse of the silent space of awareness that is between your thoughts.

Meditation can help you by giving you increasing clarity of thought and a greater perspective regarding happenings in your life. It can help you understand how things have manifest in your life thus far.

You must consciously act on the inner guidance you receive during meditation. Otherwise, you will not manifest the needed changes you want in your life.

During meditation it is important that you let go of how you think things should be. You must relinquish the need to control. . . and just let go of all your mental stuff! It is when you do this, you will begin to relax, and to tap into your inner wisdom, your inner guidance.

Although meditation is not complicated, it does require some dedication and discipline. It takes daily practice for meditation to begin to better your life. Remember, there is no short cut to lasting transformation and happiness.

Take a long look at the life you have created. Realize and acknowledge that it took a powerful being to create your current situation.

Spiritual growth is a natural process driven by hidden aspects of yourself that know more than you can understand consciously. As you let go during meditation, you will receive more input from these inner parts. You will begin to have, and trust, the feeling that you are in safe hands. . . and that something truly amazing is transpiring.

Now is the time for you to reclaim your power and consciously engage in the highest and best practices possible. . . daily meditation of some sort being one of them. You, and the world, deserve nothing less than the contributions you uniquely have to offer.

Meditation can help you discover your uniqueness, tap into your inner wisdom and help you manifest the life you want!

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