Do Thoughts Create Reality?

Conscious growth and awareness goes beyond just thinking positive thoughts; it is about coming to the awareness of, and understanding the “Justice” that governs life. From the beginning of time, those who have dared to move past the mere appearance of things and sought to understand what lies beyond the horizon of life have come to one conclusion – we become what we think about.

What is very striking is the unanimity with which this conclusion has been reached by the many people who have made great contributions to this world. From the titans in commerce and industry, prodigies in the field of sports, scholars in psychology, philosophy and theological studies all the way to the great leaders who have ever walked the face of the earth from the beginning of time; all attest to the proclamation: “we become what we think about.”

Yet from time to time, you come across people who question the legitimacy of this conclusion. For many these are genuine questions they ask and therefore seek genuine answers. Most of these questions are prompted by incongruence observed in their own lives and the lives of many others. I write this article to these searching souls; there is hope for every man and woman who genuinely wants to find truth. For those bent on cynicism and ego centered arguments, not even this article will help you. I am incapable of convincing you otherwise.

Do thoughts really create our reality? Do we become what we think about? Are we responsible for what we become in life by virtue of the thoughts we choose and the perspective with which we view life? If so what logical explanation can we give to satisfy the limitations that we see in our lives and the lives of others in as far as manifesting our desires is concerned?

Thoughts do really create our reality. The reality we see is nothing but our concept of this reality. You see, perception is creation; the mind creates the very thing that it perceives; no wonder it becomes very difficult to convince anyone on the conclusions that have been made about the mind. Because perception is creation, one can find evidence for just about anything they believe to be true. The mind is a double edged sword with the capacity to not only perceive truth but create illusions and as far as the perceiver is concerned, these illusions are taken to be truth and reality.

As beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, the true nature of reality is in the mind of the perceiver of life. What you think about life is what life is as far as you are concerned. The meaning of life to you is the meaning you attach to life right now. You don’t get anything beyond what you think of life; you don’t get anything less. You get exactly what you honestly think life is. What you perceive you create.

To put it more crudely, we are all living in an “illusion” of some sorts. The experience of life for each one of us is the illusion we have created for ourselves. It is not a question of whether you are living in an illusion or not; we are all in an illusion. The greater question is about the kind of illusion you are living in; is it limiting or empowering you?

It is very difficult, if not impossible to convince anyone about the meaning of life and the workings of the mind. For all I know to be true about life and the workings of the mind, no one really convinced me; it just dawned on me. I therefore, run away from the trap of trying to convince anyone about life and how the mind works; I am not capable of convincing anyone unless that other person is convinced himself. We should only seek to find witnesses in other people, not convicts.

The working of the mind is truly marvelous. The mind will give you evidence for anything you focus on. Some of your thoughts about life are so deep rooted that they have become “unconscious thoughts” otherwise known as your habits or personal conditioning. These are the thoughts running and coloring your life. You will always operate within the limits of what you “know for certain”; for good or for ill. By the way, what you honestly believe may be different from what you profess, wish or even consciously think about. It is what you honestly believe that gives you evidence for anything you believe.

Reality cannot be accurately perceived from outside one’s own perspective; and because your perspective is your own, I cannot accurately perceive your reality just like you cannot perceive mine. What I think is your reality is just my perspective of your reality; it is therefore my reality and not yours. This is the reason why we ought to “Judge Not”. Every time we judge another person, we judge our self because it is not that person’s reality we perceive and judge; it is our own perception of that reality and therefore our reality; hence judging ourselves.

Your reality therefore is your perception. It all comes back to the old truth – your thoughts about reality create reality and this can be a life where all things are possible or one where nothing is possible. Either way you will get the evidence to support what you honestly believe.

Christopher Kabamba is an IT professional with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science from the Copperbelt University, Zambia. He is a student of personal growth and development. He desires to take up a professional career as an Author, Public Speaker and Life Coach. He documents some of his thoughts on Personal Growth and Development on his blog:

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