Article Writing – Benefits of Submitting Articles to Directories

Writing articles is my favourite form of traffic generation and list building.  However, many people writing articles do not generate the visitors they expect to.  Writing articles does not mean just jotting down words relevant to a subject.  It means providing quality information that is useful and beneficial to the readers.

First of all, make sure your  tone is friendly and natural.  This is not a science report.  It is an informative letter to get people to click through to your site so that you can provide them with further relevant information and eventually purchase quality products/services from you. Pretend you are talking and giving information to a friend.  This certainly helps, trust me.

Here are some pointers that will help to get your articles read and get click thrus to your site.

1)  Topic

It most certainly helps to know something about the subject you are writing about.  This way the words and content of the article will come naturally and flow easily.

2) Title

The title is possibly one of the most important aspects of your article.  When you pick up a newspaper the first thing you look at is the title of an article and then decide whether you wish to read on or turn the page. Your title must arouse interest.  To get some ideas of what a great title looks like go to your favourite directories and search for the “most read articles” page.  You will clearly notice the attention grabbing titles they use.

3) Introductory Paragraph

Your first two or three sentences must be just as attention grabbing as the title.  Your words must invoke curiosity to encourage the reader to read further.

4) Body

This is where you can really impart your knowledge and give useful information to your readers.  I cannot stress enough that if your article content is not original and of value to your readers they will not click through to your site.  Using bullet points, numbering or short paragraphs makes the article easy to read.

5) Resource Box

This is where you place your link to invite your readers to click through to your site.  If the readers find what you have presented in your article useful, they will want more information and click through to your site. Do not write a long biography about yourself and how great you are as that is not what they are after.  Your well written article should give you enough credit to make the readers trust you.

Remember that you are starting a relationship with your reader. Do not write an article that sound like a sales letter because you will not get readers clicking on your links.  Just be natural and informative and keep on writing powerful content.  The more you write the easier it gets and in no time you will become an expert author.

To get further information on article writing and creating an online presence please download these free videos by visiting the link below.

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