Your Thoughts and Endless Possibilities

Thought creates your reality. When you put something into that thought of endless possibilities, of all possibilities, then you’re planting the seed that will manifest–if it’s in your highest and best interest and in the time when it is optimal for you.

When you recognize that it isn’t circumstances that determine how you can be in life, that it isn’t another person telling you or limiting you, but everything is coming from inside you–then you see that you can be anyone and anything you choose by simply thinking a thought.

First, put your thought out there. It will manifest in the right time if it’s best for you, and you’re living in that space where you feel happy and good. You must be free from fear. Fear can only come from a dependence on outside circumstances-believing that people and events must be set in place by you for things to work out.

Fear leaves you believing you must live according to a certain formula for your life to work. That’s not reality. You can choose for it to not be your reality – not your emotional or physical reality.

Soon you will see that the moment you put a thought out there it immediately comes to you however, it’s up to you to receive it. You receive it by taking the appropriate action.

The point I want you to understand is you make it happen. Your power is within you to create the world that you see outside. It’s not the world outside that gives you the power to be who you want to be. Everything starts inside you.

When I say you I’m talking about every you out there. You’re not any better or lesser than any other Spiritual being, or thing, or animal, or creature. Every one of us is that same Divine Being with that power within that’s creating our world by our thoughts, putting them out into a field of all possibilities. All possibilities.

Look around and you will see people who just seem to have it all. They have no fears and no doubts about their ability to live in abundance. They only know how to live in abundance. They do so automatically just as those who live in scarcity do that automatically.

For those people who operate from their heart and live in joy–the moment they think something, it happens. You’re not any different from them. You’re running your head differently. That’s the only difference between you and them.

When you know that truth in your heart, your world will instantly change. It has to because it’s a law. As a matter of fact it’s called “The Law of Pure Potentiality.” You have the potential to be, do and have whatever your heart desires.

Now finding Yourself and finding that space, and creating the habit of living in that space – I recommend meditation for that. Be really still, be really open. In the silence you will actually experience the field of all possibilities. It’s a very blissful place. There’s nothing there so you’re not doing anything. There’s no material stuff there. It’s just the pure possibility of anything and everything. 

The bottom line is only you can change your life…when you are ready to do so. Knowing the programs running your subconscious mind allows you to override what does not work and replace it with programs that do work.

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