What Is The Good Life To You

The term, The Good Life is the title of this blog and I chose it for various reasons. It may mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. To me it simply means a life of blessing and satisfaction. It doesnt mean that you are an important person or that you have a bunch of money. You may be penniless and confined to a wheel chair and living the good life because you are not confined in your mind. You live the good life when you are free.

I consider the story of the Apostle Paul when he was locked up in a jail in Phillipi. The bible tells about he had been beaten and whipped and locked up in the inner prison. This means that he was locked up in the dirtiest, darkest, mustiest, nastiest, dampest, funkiest, part of the prison. He had been beaten with whips so he was severely wounded and had raw open wounds. The prisons of that time had no system of irrigation so Im sure that there was fecal waste all over the prison along with a lot of rodents, insects, and diseased prisoners.

Now get this. The bible says that at midnight they were singing praises to God. Now thats living the good life. It didnt matter about the situation to them, they were happy to be Gods people. When you live the goof life you are not knocked out of the game by the circumstances that you happen to find yourself in. My favorite quotation is the one that I have heard Nick Saban the head football coach for the University of Alabama use several times. He loves to say It is what it is, No amount of worry will change a bad situation or get you out of the mess that you may find yourself in.

The big thing in this account of the Apostle Paul and the trouble that he found himself in is that when they began to sing and praise there was an earthquake which shook the foundations of the prison and caused their shackles to be broken. So do you see what I mean? The only shackles that will stop you are the shackles of your mind.

You know that the bible also says that we come into this world naked and we will be naked when we leave it so why is it that we put so much pressure on ourselves in life. We waste our time attempting to get things that dont matter at all. Now sure I would like to have a nice house and a fine car, and I dont mind working to get it, but lets keep all things in perspective. The only things that matter are the things that you do to help people to prepare for eternity. I can loan you money or even give you a meal and this is good but it is infinitely better if it edifies your soul. The body is dying even as you feed it but the soul is eternal and needs to be built up.

The person who lives the good life lives in a totally different world. He or she lives in victory land. His or her focus is not on the piddling circumstances of everyday life. They are important but not all important.

Have you noticed how people who pursue wealth eventually become consumed with the pursuit of that wealth? People with power seem to just want more as life goes on. The person who does not live the good life will be a malcontent because their happiness is not based on the unstable things of the world. People like Paul who live the good life live in a different world. Their present is not the same as the present of other people. Their present is not dictated by the way that their body feels or the circumstances that they find themselves in. Riceland Enterprises

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