Pregnancy Exercise

Pregnancy period is a very crucial time of a female’s life where little ignorance of the facts can actually create serious problems for the pregnant lady and for her baby too. It is always recommended to consult your doctor and follow his / her tips very seriously so that you give birth to a healthy baby. Life does change when a female becomes pregnant and the works which she used to perform before pregnancy need to be checked when she is pregnant. Similarly, if she had been regularly doing some exercises before pregnancy then she can continue those exercises after pregnancy too but she should have to consult the doctor for his advise about type of exercise allowed in pregnancy period. Exercises just don’t increase your chance of suffering from miscarriage and hence you should not be afraid while excising during pregnancy. Remember that rigorous exercise isn’t recommended during pregnancy period.

Here we have compiled some points which you must keep in mind while exercising during the days of pregnancy.

• Try and feel the natural signals which your body will give you. You will automatically feel that you need to reduce the exercising intensity as you aren’t able to bear more.

• If you have plans to start exercising regularly so as to improve your health during the time of pregnancy then it is always recommended that you start on a low note. Start exercising very lightly during the early days and slowly increase the intensity. This way your body will easily be able to adjust to the daily physical work.

• Never ever exercise too much. Breathlessness or exhaustion means your baby might not get the required oxygen. Similarly your body might not be getting the right amount of oxygen which it needs.

• Don’t exercise in very hot conditions. You will sweat too much and this decreases the water level in your body.

• Don’t exercise for too long. Breaks after short intervals are always recommended. Do not forget to drink extra fluids during and after the exercise. You need to maintain the water level of your body.

• Use footwear which cushions your feet well. You need to be comfortable while exercising.

• Do some stretching after you have exercised and before you start exercising. This is necessary to keep the muscles tight.

• Try to avoid uneven ground (like rocky places) while jogging or cycling. You might injure your ankles etc in such conditions so better avoid them.

• Consume nutritious diet so as to keep your body healthy. You can consult your doctor for the right kind of food for your body. Eating without your doctor’s recommendation can be risky.

• Avoid exercise which requires you to lay flat on your back as this will decrease the flow of blood in your womb and might be harmful for the baby.

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