3 Tips For Writing Articles

Learning how to write articles that attract people to your website can be both a very cost effective and efficient way of marketing what you have to offer.  The written word still speaks volumes and when done the right way can generate quite a bit of attention.  If you have yet to use article marketing as a way to generate visitors and customers to your website,  then you are leaving lots of potential sales on the table.

How can you use article marketing to generate visitors AND customers?

1.  Write content that is uniquely yours.  I have seen a lot of people who have tried to use articles that are basically someone’s work that they have not so cleverly re-written and then submit them to as many sites as possible.  The problem with this,  is that it will take away from your credibility.  And it will also keep you from developing your own unique style as well.

2.  Make sure that you are writing for your customers and not for yourself.  Do not write a 1,000 word article that details how much of an expert you are at something.  Solve problems and give solutions for people.  Get out of the state of mind where you are thinking about yourself and think about your potential visitors.

3.  Treat article writing as if it is a pat of your business.  You know why?  Because it is.  Set aside a certain amount of time where you will not be distracted and commit yourself to writing.  Pick a number of articles that you want to write and keep yourself to that commitment.  You don’t want to say that you are going to write 4 articles and then walk away after writing 1 or 2.

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