Nourishing Short Love Poems

There are times in your life when you just need to be taken care of. Nourished. Loved. Replenished. If you have a partner to support you, then that’s a great place to turn to. If you don’t, then you probably have good friends or family to turn to. But whether you do or whether you don’t, you can always find something to nourish you, inspire you and to lift you back up. Heck, we live in the days of the internet and Google, do we not? So that’s why you’re here, to read some nourishing short love poems and love words to inspire you anew in your life.

When you’re feeling beaten down, when your heart is broken, when you’ve lost everything in sight, when you’ve lost the last bit of hope that you had, when your life is not going to plan or even if you just had a discouraging day, there’s always support and nourishment to lift you back up.

All the most inspiring messages or encouraging people out there just remind you of a few things and just utilize a few principles to get you back on your feet. First, they break the emotional state that you’re in. They help you to see that no matter what happened, it’s not the end of the world. You’ll recover. Life still goes on. They inspire you again with hope and with possibility. They help you to see the beauty and the lessons in life, even in the darkest of situations. They help you open your heart and love again, even if it is painful or difficult. Even if you have no hope. Without further adieu, here are some word of love that I hope nourishes your soul.

Nourishing Love Words

Hold tight, my sweet child
‘Tis but a short moment
Before your pain shall pass
And your hope restored anew

Stay put in my arms for now
Until mended and healed you feel
Equipped with the power of love
You will be able to rise again

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