Noemie Lenoir’s pure beauty on Elle magazine

After the failure to commit suicide in May, the beautiful French supermodel Noemie Lenoir quickly returned to the fashion showbiz. Continuously appearing in numerous international magazines, Noemie Lenoir seems to have recovered from the great shock. Recently she and her friend, supermodel Beatriz Barros are taking photos for Vogue -Russia magazine in London. At present, she covers the fashion magazine Elle in London with charming and glamorous beauty in white pure dresses. Her beautiful face together with perfect body curves has made impressive shots for Elle.


“Oh my darling” is the sweetly title of the photos which marks the refresh return of the supermodel


Noemie Lenoir appears younger and purer in her returns when putting on white dresses by stylist Christopher Niquet


This beautiful supermodel looks gentler and more attractive in the white dress


No one can believe that this beauty has escaped for death


The charming dress dotted with jewelry made her beauty more shining


Fresher and sexier


Lenoir was first spotted by Ford Models when she was 16 years old


Noemie Lenoir is also an actress


She starred in “Rush Hour 3




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