The Reality Behind Writing Articles

The fact that writers write is like you are breathing. Sometimes you hold your  breath, or sneeze of cough. Writing  articles creats reliability and measure to your niche of field of expertise online. It is simple to put together a small 250 to 400 word piece, espeically your information foe the subject matter is shone by your passion. That passion, life –energy, is infectious and will pull readers not only to your pieces of works but alo to your  site-link from your resource box.


About this time, is that editor-on-your-shoulder, that doubting-writer-self stomping her feet and ranting? Have faith: let me count the ways to your new article-writing success:


TIME: “I don’t have time!”

* The average person watches five to seven hours of TV per week. One less TV hour, one extra writing hour. Check.

* Most people never greet the sunrise. Alarm clocks are cheap and do their job well; waking a half-hour earlier won’t cause too much premature aging. Double check.

* Leafing through out-of-date magazines at the doctor’s office won’t necessarily add pertinent learning to your website niche or area of expertise. Paper, pencils and laptops are easy to carry and give you opportunities for jotting down article ideas. Triple check.


ENERGY: “I’m too tired!”

* Walking shoes are in every store window; you probably have a lonely, dusty pair hiding somewhere. Your endorphins will engage and energize in 20 minutes. Check.

* Your favorite puppy would probably jump out of her skin to hear ‘go-fer a walk’. Exercising your pet as well as yourself is heart-healthy for both of you; more endorphins. Double check.

* Are your few extra pounds leftover from the holidays weighing you down? Refer back to walking shoes! Triple check.


MOTIVATION: “I don’t want more work in my busy schedule?!”

* Practice makes more perfect. If your name is not Hemingway, you might need more practice. Check.

* Articles drive traffic. With new sites or ones low on traffic, links from your article resource boxes help to fill this need and give your site the shot of energy it needs to grow. Double check.

* Traffic equals money. Is that long dreamed-of vacation to anywhere out of town filling your daydreams of late? This just might be your ‘ticket’. Triple check.

Time, energy and motivation create a powerful recipe for success. Writing this short article took about 30 minutes. You now have the option for extra free time in your schedule, exercise-induced energy, as well as a ‘ticket’ for your new vacation plans: you now have the tools to meet your new writing challenge.


Writing short, niche-related articles is a reasonable formula you can can realistically apply. Writers: start your engines!


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