New Year Songs around the world

New Year is the most memorable and universal day which marks the end of one year and welcomes the beginning of the next year. People make resolutions to give away bad deeds and renew life with good things. Popularly, New Year will bring good luck for all people. That is the reason why people like to celebrate it with fun and enjoyment.  One of elements contributing to the happiness of New Year is New Year songs. People not only enjoy songs at the time of the clock ticking to the final countdown but also around the New Year. Happy New Year Songs bring a world of joy and happiness for everyone. There are diversified types of New Year Songs at certain settings in different countries.


The following is a musical collection of distinguishing and popular New Year Songs from all corners of the world.


Happy New Year

This is the universal Happy New Year song by Swedish pop group ABBA.



Choral des Adieux

Choral des Adieux is the French equivalent of Auld Lang Syne and is sung to celebrate the New Year.





Greek New Year Song





Feliz Ano Novo




Среќна Нова Година



Maligayang Pasko At Manigong Bagong Taon, Misa De Gallo




Chestita Nova Godina





Voorspoedige Nuwe Jaar





새해 복 많이 받으세요



Chinese New Year Song

This song expresses love and happiness, people’s affection for motherland.







Happy New Year – China Dolls





Ngày Tết Quê Em



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